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Since 2007, IBS Ltd. is an exclusive representative for Bulgaria, Greece и Cyprus of the Czech company
ADOS Sekerka – Antošovský.

ADOS Sekerka – Antošovský firm was established in 1993. It cooperates with many experts belonging among top specialists of water system. Heart of working staff includes specialists with many-year experience in design and supplies of wastewater treatment plants and their accessories.


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Our employees have gained experience with deliveries of wastewater treatment plants of different sizes – from domestic wastewater treatment plants (abbr. as „DC”) up to wastewater treatment plants for great municipal units (up to 6 000 m3/day).

For our customers we offer a wide assortment of products and therefore besides a productive business – wastewater treatment plants: domestic wastewater treatment plants DC type for family houses, packed wastewater treatment plants – BC type for big family houses, hotels, restaurants and small settlement, wastewater treatment plants – CC type for great settlement or small towns; system of reconstruction and upgrading of existing wastewater treatment plants; we also offer even other products of plastics and/or of stainless steel (e.g. liquid petroleum hydrocarbons separators of LPHS and LPHS–S types, grease traps of GLT and FLT types, sludge pre-thickeners of PZK type, automatic sludge thickeners of AZK type, …).


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In our opinion a customer possesses a benefit if the most important parts of an equipment are delivered by the same supplier. In this event he has no troubles when claims a malfunction of any part of the supply. Our firm accepts such responsibility with a pleasure therefore in our job, till nowadays, we have stressed that our guarantee is based on the quality of our staff, and a satisfied customer is a goal of our sense of business.

Taking care of our customers is self-evident in our supplies and the supply also includes training and professional guidance during a test operation of an equipment supplied.

At the request of a customer the supply can also include engineering (negotiation with water authorities, permits, and the like) and for potential customers we also offer an assistance in solving financing.

Except in Bulgaria, ADOS Sekerka – Antosovsky has business partners in Belarus, Italy, Spain and Canada.

We are obliged to follow our trend of development.

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