Reconstruction and Modernisation of Water Treatment Plants

Reconstruction and Modernisation of Water Treatment Plants

Technology supplied by the manufacturer suits for a reconstruction and process rate of water treatment plants being out of operation. Space of an existing tanks is equipped with the technology that enables the operation of water treatment plant with higher concentration of activated sludge and lower sludge load. If need be, the system can be completed with a sludge facility tailored to real requirements of a water treatment plant.

The reconstructed wastewater treatment installations are with the capacity of 25 000 equivalent residents. If necessary, the installation can be combined with a device for sediments, that is designed for the actual needs of the wastewater treatment installation.

On reconstructing wastewater treatment plants the existing tanks are reused and the plant auxiliary facilities are modernised, if need be. On treating industrial wastewater an aeration tank project is tailored to size and a degree of chemical pre-treatment is proposed and designed, if need be (wastewater of textile industry, dairy plants, etc…).

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